Customized Software Development Services

Customized Systems Development

We specialize in customized software development. This means, you give us your requirements, we translate it into a working solution.

Our solutions focus on Desktop-based or Web-based systems, with connectivity to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

All our technology are based on Microsoft's latest .NET technology and open source PHP programming. So rest assured, you will not be getting outdated technology!

Visual Studio .NET   Microsoft .NET   PHP

Website Design

We also offer Website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to clients who are serious in utilizing the power of the Internet as an advertising tool.

Other than advertising your business, a Website also serves as a crucial source of information for potential customers who are interested in your products & services. The more they learn about your offerings, the more enthusiastic they will become!

Our Website templates are custom designed using proper graphic editing software. This way, you get a Website design that is tuned to your company's corporate theme. Standard Website templates are also available for your selection.

This is the era of Social Marketing!

Businesses are fast taking advantage of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to regularly communicate their latest updates to the online community.

We can help integrate these social sites with your Website and give your business the competitive edge!

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