Yoga Class Booking System

The Timetable Management System (TMS) is a cloud-based system for online Yoga Class Booking. It comes with a student packages membership feature, which allows Yoga Studio owners to manage student packages easily. It also comes with credits-deduction feature, which means credits will be automatically deducted from the student package upon class booking.


The system allows students to perform online class bookings and manage their bookings via a mobile-friendly student portal.


The system keeps track on the package / credits used by students to book classes. A statement report is available for students to check on their credit balance on a real-time basis.



The admin portal is where the administrator performs settings for the system, such as Timetable management, Student Package management, as well as Student Bookings management.


Timetable Module: Allows administrator to manage the class schedule and control the maximum students allowable per class session. Once the particular class session is fully booked, the student will be placed in a Waiting List instead and notified by email once there is an available slot.


Student Package Module: Allows administrator to manage the package membership for each student. System will not allow students to book any classes without sufficient credits in their package.


Student Booking Module: Allows administrator to manage student bookings with ease. Admin can book on behalf of the student, and can even mark the booking as Attended, Absent, Cancelled, etc.


Please feel free to contact us for more information!

The above system was specifically developed for Yoga Class booking. However, we are able to program for other types of Online Booking Systems as well based on our client's requirements. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation! 

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